Snacks your coworkers and customers will rave about.

From salty to sweet, we offer the variety of treats ideal for your company break room.

Snack vending machine professionals sought-after in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Enjoy today’s most popular snack items conveniently located in your break room. Refreshment Solutions brings a huge variety of options for the snack vending machine, then customizes it to your needs and tastes. Each snack vending machine even includes upgraded payment options allowing users to make purchases with a mobile device, credit card, or debit card.

Offer refreshment on site that saves employees time when searching for a quick pick-me-up or energizing snack. Our items are chosen with care from quality producing brands and delivered in state-of-the-art snack vending machines with sensors that monitor if a product is delivered. If the snack fails to fall, the money is returned instantly.

Craft a snack vending machine menu filled with delicious choices.


Choose from our options of great tasting, better-for-you-snacks filled with nutritious ingredients.

Healthy Snacks


Convenient and packed with a variety of quality ingredients including granola, seeds, nuts, fruits, and more.

Quaker Bars


Whether you like them spicy or baked, we have the crispy chip varieties to make your snack machine ideal.



Available in all the classic flavors, including chocolate chip, peanut butter, frosted, and many more.

Sweet Treats


Pack a minty punch with refreshing gum or mints from your Baton Rouge and New Orleans snack vending machine.

Gum & Mints


Treat yourself to something sweet and delicious from all of today’s favorite candy brands.


Increase productivity by offering refreshment on site with snack vending machines from Refreshment Solutions at or 800-370-1282.