Products that empower choice towards a healthier lifestyle, now in vending.

Designed to offer the best in nutritious and delicious items

Professionals offering healthy vending machines in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Meet the needs of today’s diverse employees and customers with a reinvented vending selection focused on healthier options. We gather today’s most popular alternative products and offer them in our healthy vending machine program, from popped chips to protein packed bars.

Also, enjoy fresh, healthful food from our Your Nutrition Delivered program designed to take local foods and transform them into delicious meals available at your location. The items are fresh, organic custom creations designed by dieticians, created by chefs, and supported by doctors.

Healthy vending machine
Right Choice healthy vending with fruit and nuts

Proud Members Of The Right Choice for a Healthier You

Gain special access to products and advice through our USConnect partnership

The Right Choice for a Healthier You program is brought to you by Refreshment Solutions in partnership with USConnect as a way to bring better-for-you products and corporate wellness help into the workplace. With this program we offer tips on emphasizing sensible nutrition choices, education, and a healthy, active lifestyle at your place of business.

All items meet the guidelines created by USConnect’s registered dietician and sport the apple/heart logo for easy identification. Choose from brand name packaged foods to fresh food at a great value. It’s all delicious and better-for-you than many traditional options. Together we can live better.

Offer employees the nutritious items they crave

All options meet nutritional guidelines

Get help with workplace wellness initiatives

Program is managed by a registered dietician

Positive snack, food, and drink options at your fingertips.

Time to make your break room something special with healthy vending machines from Refreshment Solutions at or 800-370-1282.