Creating unique vending experiences for your New Orleans area employees

Advanced Vending Technology

Improve your New Orleans area employee’s user experience with our Smart Technology!

With our high end technology, employees will have the option to conveniently stay on site and purchase their favorite snacks, beverages and ready-to-serve meals through our sophisticated vending machines.

Your employees safety and security is our priority at Refreshment Solutions. When making purchases, customers will have the option to pay with their favorite mobile app or debit/credit card and avoid unnecessary contact with machines for a greater peace of mind!

Healthy & Nutritious Snacking Done Your Way

Customize your snack, beverage & food vending machines with nutrient dense options that keep your employees feeling great!


Energy Bars


Hydrating Beverages


Smart Snacking

Your one stop shop for all things vending

Let Refreshment Solutions assist you in offering the best vending services to your New Orleans employees

Water Filtration Service

Beautifully designed countertop and floor standing water filtration systems keep Greenville, Spartanburg & Anderson employees hydrated throughout the day!

Office Coffee Service

Bring the cafe to your office with high quality office coffee service! From single cup brewing systems to specialty coffees we’ve got
your back.

Employee Benefits

Show employee appreciation by paying for some or all of the product costs in your micro-markets and/or vending machines!

Your New Orleans experts in Vending Customization! Contact Refreshment Solutions at 800-370-1282 or