Enjoy dozens of popular drinks options in your Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

From classic colas to purified water, Refreshment Solutions offers unbeatable beverage selections.

Advanced Beverage Vending Machines in Baton Rouge and New Orleans breakrooms

Refreshment Solutions makes it easy for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans businesses to offer quality cold drinks 24 hours a day. Our state-of-the-art vending machines are built to deliver a wide variety of beverages, making it easy for us to customize the beverage vending machine with a specific mix of cold drinks.

Each beverage vending machine has the latest technology built right in, from sensors that guarantee product delivery to accepting cashless payment. Enjoy the flexibility of buying a beverage with your mobile device, debit card or credit card – no cash required. We monitor, inventory, stock, and service the machine, making it a hassle-free benefit.

Your ideal beverage vending machine menu crafted from national and new brands


We offer national brand names known for quality and delicious taste - just pick your favorite varieties.

Coke Products


Get the drink selection you’ll love from the biggest names in beverages -- we have them all.

Pepsi Products


Keep employees and customers happy and hydrated with healthy and convenient bottled water.

Bottled Water


Add more of the wow factor without adding calories or sugar with a variety of flavored waters.

Flavored Water


Drink up essential vitamins and minerals from nature’s finest fruits and vegetables.



Keep up your endurance by replacing electrolytes with well-known sport drink choices.

Sports Drinks


Opt for beverages that kick up your attention and energy levels with powerful flavors and boost of caffeine.

Energy Drinks


Enjoy iced tea and coffee without the complicated brewing process or long wait times.

Teas & Ready to Drink Coffee


Select from the latest alternative beverages including protein enhanced, soy, fermented, and raw.

New Age Beverages

Individual coffee by the cup experience with the convenience of a vending machine

Coffee vending machines from Refreshment Solutions offer a superior user experience. Each user can customize their beverage from cup size to level of sweetness, before the beans are freshly ground and then brewed right then and there. The coffee vending machine is a great way to offer employees a quick cup of quality coffee on site, so they don’t have to leave the location.

Ensure your business has beverages to keep everyone refreshed with unbeatable service from Refreshment Solutions at sales@refsol.com or 800-370-1282.

Happy employee in front of a coffee vending machine