Easy access to your favorite snacks and drinks from today’s newest vending machines.

Vending Machines in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Refreshment Solutions doesn’t just offer vending machine service, we offer a premier vending solution. We tailor the selections in our snack vending machines, food vending machines, beverage vending machines and hot beverage vending machines to meet the needs of your employees or customers with popular items from national brands and new must-haves.

Our level of vending machine service is unsurpassed thanks to our investment in vending technology. We invested in systems to ensure “just-in-time” delivery of products, enable multiple payment options at the vending machine, and provide accountability to our customers with clear, easy to understand reports on the items sold.

Bringing the perfect lunch companion to your Baton Rouge &
New Orleans Employees!

Stay satisfied throughout your work day with Refreshment Solutions! We offer a variety of healthy alternatives, hot meals, snacks and beverages from your favorite name brands and local providers!

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Your Complete Vending Solution

Don’t settle for average when you can get service from an award-winning New Orleans and Baton Rouge vending service provider.

  • Beverages

  • Today’s on-trend cold drinks available 24/7 to your staff and guests at the push of a button.

    • Brand Names
    • Customized Selections
    • New Age Choices
    • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Snacks

  • We follow new snacking trends and keep our line of snack vending machine selections up-to-date.

    • Quality Products
    • Guaranteed Product Delivery
    • Healthy Selections
    • Mobile Payments

  • Food

  • Freshly made with the best ingredients, ensure your staff have the meals they need to succeed.

    • Quality Ingredients
    • Fresh Food Selections
    • Widest Variety of Choices
    • Healthy Selections

  • Healthy

  • Get taste and nutrition with our selection of Right Choice healthy and alternative products.

    • Customized Program
    • Healthy Programs
    • A Variety of Options
    • Corporate Wellness

Bringing customizable vending
to you

Let Refreshment Solutions help you create the perfect breakroom for your Baton Rouge & New Orleans employees

From customized snack, beverage & food vending machines to office coffee service and water filtration systems, we have what you need!

Best In Class Vending Service

Your one stop in getting today’s most popular brand name products and new, trendy must-haves to please your New Orleans and Baton Rouge employees or customers.

Trust your vending service to a company with experience and dedication to using the latest technology — Refreshment Solutions at 800-370-1282 or Sales@refsol.com.