One Red Soda can from a Kenner vending machine Packed in Ice

Kenner’s Best Choice in Vending Machine Services

Adding vending machines to your business is a great way to cater to people’s needs. If you’re interested in adding machines to your Kenner operation, start by contacting Refreshment Solutions. Our selection of machines is second to none, with everything from Coke and Pepsi vending machines to those that serve coffee, snacks and food items. We are known for our wide selection of products with which to fill your machines. The selection is completely up to your discretion. When the machines are installed, we make sure to come back regularly to stock and maintain them.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Kenner

It seems so simple, but providing a nice coffee service for your Kenner employees is a great way to drive morale and increase their energy level. Refreshment Solutions has everything you need to establish a coffee service on site, from the brewing machines to the wide variety of coffees and teas. Whether you prefer a traditional pot brewer or the increasingly popular single-cup options, we have something to best fit your operation. Then we work with you to select the coffees and teas that will satisfy any palate. If water quality is a concern, we have water filtration services to solve it. Our bottleless systems connect to the water supply to deliver cleaner, healthier water directly from the tap.

Tea from a kenner office coffee service being poured into tea cup

Micro-Market Excellence for the Kenner Area

If you know what a Micro-Market is, then you know how awesome one would be in your Kenner break room. With a Refreshment Solutions Micro-Market, we work with you to redesign a portion of your office space or break room into a self-contained convenience store. We install the coolers, racks and displays, and fill them with your choice of hundreds of products – including items not common to vending, such as fruit, dairy and healthy fare. The stores include self-checkout kiosks, so when a customer has selected the items they want, all that’s left to do is scan them at the kiosk and swipe a card. It’s the ultimate in convenience.

Contact Refreshment Solutions for the best in vending services. E-mail or call 800-370-1282.