Vegan sandwich with salad and cheese from a jefferson Parish micro market

A Variety of Vending Machines for Jefferson Parish

Refreshment Solutions is the company you need to equip your Jefferson Parish office with the latest in vending machine technology. Our machines range from traditional snack and beverage vending machines to more advanced cold food and coffee vending machines. Vending machines are provided for free, and we regularly fill them with a large range of products based solely on your preferences. We also are known for our vending program flexibility. Ask about our free and subsidized vending programs to maximize morale.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services to Fit Jefferson Parish

Give your Jefferson Parish office some get-up-and-go with an office coffee service from Refreshment Solutions. Our brewing equipment ranges from single-cup brewers to larger by-the-pot brewers, so we have something to match virtually any office need. Also, our selection of coffees and teas give your Jefferson Parish employees the brands, flavors and types they prefer. We not only install and maintain your machines, but we’ll also regularly restock your break room with any supplies you need.

Sometimes water quality limits coffee quality. Don’t let that happen in your office. Our water filtration services offer equipment to hook directly to your water supply, providing better tasting, healthier water right from the tap.

Man working at his Jefferson Parish office desk with a hot cup of fresh coffee

Micro-Markets Available for Jefferson Parish Businesses

Nothing beats the convenience of a Refreshment Solutions’ Micro-Market installed in your Jefferson Parish office. Basically, a Micro-Market is a mini convenience store based right in your break room. Rather than vending machines, it features racks, displays and coolers filled with your choice of hundreds of snacks, beverages and food items. It’s a great way to give people what they need for lunch and dinner breaks. Convenience is paramount to a Micro-Market, as integrated self-checkout kiosks put the transactions right in the customers’ hands. No need to hire someone to man the store, it takes care of itself.

Refreshment Solutions offers everything you need in vending. Call 800-370-1282 or e-mail to get started.