Yogurt with fresh berries from a French Quarter micro-market

A Selection of Vending Machines for the French Quarter

Help provide some much needed fuel to your French Quarter employees with a vending machine service from Refreshment Solutions. We are dedicated to providing the best snacks, food and drink options, served by a wide range of vending machine technologies, from snack and food vending machines to coffee vending machines. The entire selection is up to you. Even if we don’t have a product you want, just say the word and we’ll make every attempt to add it.

The French Quarters Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Want to add a single-cup brewer or higher volume brewer to your French Quarter office? Just contact Refreshment Solutions. We offer brewing machines to handle any sized operation, and give you a choice of a huge variety of types, flavors and brands of coffees and teas.

If your office water quality is poor, we can help with that too. Our water filtration machines attach to your water supply to provide a better quality beverage right from the tap.

Hot tea with cinnamon in French Quarter

Micro-Markets Designed for French Quarter Businesses

Get something better than a set of vending machines with a Micro-Market setup from Refreshment Solutions. This is where we add a self-contained convenience store right to your French Quarter business. We work with you to determine how to best fill your available space with attractive coolers, racks and displays to offer hundreds of snacks, drinks and food items. Once installed, people can simple walk in and select all the items they want before heading to the self-service kiosks to scan and pay. It’s fast, easy and a great way to improve morale.

Call 800-370-1282 or e-mail sales@refsol.com to get Refreshment Solutions working for you.