Fresh salad from a Covington/Mandeville micro-market with tomatoes and arugala

The Covington/Mandeville Area’s Best Choice in Vending Machines

Help provide energy to your Covington/Mandeville employees with a vending machine service from Refreshment Solutions. We have the wide variety of machines you need, from standard snack and beverage vending machines to food and coffee vending machines, and the product selection to fill them. Choose all the items your people prefer and we’ll make sure to get them for you. Beyond a great selection of vending machines and products, we’re also very flexible with our vending agreements. Ask about our subsidized and free vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Covington/Mandeville

Coffee is the lifeblood of any bustling Covington/Mandeville business, and Refreshment Solutions is the company you need in your corner. We have the equipment best suited to brew for your operation, whether it’s a big facility or a small Covington/Mandeville office. Need better water to maximize your coffee service? We handle that too with our water filtration systems. Our machines plumb directly into your water supply to make fresh, great tasting water available right from the tap.

Steaming cup of espresso coffee from a Covington/Mandeville office coffee service

Micro-Markets for the Covington/Mandeville Area

One of the latest trends in vending for the Covington/Mandeville area is Micro-Markets from Refreshment Solutions. This is where we install a corner store into your break room, complete with attractive racks, coolers, displays and all the products you can imagine. Not only can they handle the standard vending fare, but unique items too like fruit, vegetables, dairy items and other healthy fare. Once the store is ready, it basically runs itself. Customers can walk in, grab what they want, and quickly check out at the self-service kiosks. A Micro-Market gives employees more reasons to stay in the office for snacks, lunch and dinner, and that lets you maximize productivity.

Whatever your vending needs, there’s Refreshment Solutions. E-mail or call 800-370-1282 to learn what we can do for you.