Oat granola with almond, chocolate and fresh strawberry from Biloxi micro-market break room

The Choice for Vending Machines in Biloxi

The snacks, drinks and foods you find in today’s vending machines are essentially fuel…so wouldn’t you want to provide this fuel to keep employees at your Biloxi location productive? If so, just talk to Refreshment Solutions. We have the beverage, snack and food vending machines you’re looking for, complete with a huge selection of items. You choose what fills your machines, not us. Also, we are open to unique vending agreements, such as subsidized and free vending, to provide an even further fringe benefit to your people.

Biloxi Businesses Run on Our Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

In Biloxi, much like the rest of the world, most people need coffee to operate at peak performance. Refreshment Solutions’ office coffee service provides everything needed to keep your people refreshed and motivated. We install and maintain all types of coffee brewers, from traditional by-the-pot machines to ones that brew coffee by the cup. Then we support these machines with a huge variety of coffee brands, types and flavors…not to mention teas too. Water quality an issue at your office? Then ask about our water filtration services. Our bottle-less machines hook directly to your tap to provide better tasting, healthier water at a moment’s notice.

Cup of hot coffee in Biloxi office on a old wooden table.

Biloxi’s Micro-Market Authority

Looking for something a bit different when it comes to vending for your Biloxi office space? Refreshment Solutions might have just what you’re looking for with its Micro-Market service. Rather than a bank of vending machines, our Micro-Market program transforms a portion of your office or break room into a mini convenience store, complete with attractive racks, displays and coolers – filled with hundreds of products. The selection is great, but what makes a Micro-Market even more special is how the store basically runs itself. An employee can walk in, grab what they need, scan them at the integrated checkout kiosk and swipe a card. Now your people have more options for snacks, lunch and dinner without ever leaving the office, which means more productivity and happy employees for you.

Get to know what Refreshment Solutions can do for your business. Contact us at 800-370-1282 or e-mail sales@refsol.com.