Baton Rouge office coffee service of a cup of tea and lemon and mint on a wooden table

The Baton Rouge Source for High-End Vending Machines

Are you looking for snack, beverage, coffee, food or any other type of vending machines for your Baton Rouge office or facility? Then contact Refreshment Solutions. We have all the types of popular vending machines, and we support them with a huge selection of foods, beverages and snacks. The selection is completely based on your request. Once installed, we will regularly stock, maintain and service your machines to keep them operating properly. Other than being completely flexible with your selection and services, we also are willing to cater the vending agreements to your liking. This includes some unique arrangements, such as subsidized and “free” vending program. Contact us for details.

Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration for Baton Rouge

You know how important coffee is to keep employees motivated. So why not take control of the situation by providing high quality coffee right in your Baton Rouge office? Refreshment Solutions has all the brewing machines you could want, supported by a huge variety of coffee and tea brands and flavors. This includes everything from standard by-the-pot brewers to the ever-popular single-cup machines. The brands, flavors and quality we’re able to supply will keep your people satisfied, rather than going elsewhere for their daily coffee fix or two. Bad water quality preventing you from achieving a high-quality beverage? We can help there too with our water filtration services. Our machines plumb directly into your water supply to provide better water out of the tap. This is a great way to improve coffee quality, or to provide great-tasting, healthy water as a beverage on its own.

Triangle rye sandwich from a Baton Rouge micro-market with sausage and cheese isolated on white background

Micro-Markets Offer Macro Advantages for Baton Rouge Businesses

If you want to give your people an even better vending experience, and encourage them to spend even more time in the office, consider a Micro-Market for your Baton Rouge location. Basically, this is the installation of a self-contained convenience store right in your break room. Refreshment Solutions works with you to install the attractive coolers, racks and displays to best fit your space…and we supply hundreds of products, including healthier items, to give the store the widest appeal for your people. Once the store is open, it basically runs itself. Customers can select the items they want, bring them to the self-service kiosks, and scan and pay themselves. People love the convenience, and you’ll love the productivity.

The latest in vending technologies and services is found at Refreshment Solutions. Call 800-370-1282 or e-mail to see how we can best serve you.