Staying hydrated is the foundation for optimal mental and physical health and performance

At Refreshment Solutions we are dedicated to providing positive experiences and healthy alternatives

Water products for your New Orleans & Baton Rouge office
Office water solutions in New Orleans & Baton Rouge
Water filtration service in New Orleans & Baton Rouge

Not Just Any Water

Keep your New Orleans & Baton Rouge employees hydrated with high-quality drinking water! Employees will never have to worry about leaving the workplace for the most essential beverage.

On-Site Convenience

Not all water is created equal. Rest assured that with Refreshment Solutions you can provide pure, filtered drinking water to your employees that will keep them hydrated and healthy!

Excellent Variety

With customizable water stations and advanced technology accompanied by top-of-the-line vending options and full-service break rooms, your New Orleans & Baton Rouge employees will have a variety of hydrating beverage choices to keep them feeling fresh!

Quality beverages for
maximum hydration

Keep employees feeling their very best, by offering a variety of electrolyte enhanced beverages and water alternatives in your
custom mico-market.

Full-service break rooms will allow employees access to unlimited hot and cold pure drinking water throughout their workday!

Take hydration seriously by offering water the way nature intended, pure, delicious and refreshing.
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