Security conscious workplace refreshment service is here

Don’t settle for less than fast, safe transactions

Self-Serve Kiosk in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Secured Payment Methods

Refreshment Solutions partners with experts in maintaining data security during transactions.

Camera System

Micro-markets are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure food safety and integrity for your location.

User Friendly Experience

Modern technology makes the micro-market secure as well as easy to shop and purchase items.


Talk to employees with eye-catching signage and digital commercials on the micro-market kiosk.

Web-Based Inventory Management

Connected to the internet for real-time data about what has sold and needs replenishment.

Secured Kiosks

Each of our kiosks is locked with no open ports or potential access points for data theft.

Enhanced security for the modern break room

Bring a sense of security to your break room with an innovative micro-market from Refreshment Solutions at 800-370-1282 or