Give employees the refreshments they want, whenever they need.

Offer more with a micro-market

Self-Serve Kiosk in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Healthy Options

Ensure a broad range of better-for-you and nutritious selections are available to employees.

Improves Efficiency

Grab fast, satisfying snacks, foods, drinks, and hot beverages without ever leaving your facility.

improves corporate culture

Micro-markets are considered an employee perk with their enhanced refreshments and refined look.

Fully automated inventory

Smart technology monitors purchases, building an online inventory of what needs to be restocked.

Large Product Selections

With open racks, shelving, and glass coolers, there is even more room for various products.

Attractive Fixtures

Designed to enhance the break area with eye-catching graphics and modern light fixtures.

Self Check-out Kiosks

Secure and easy to use, employees scan and pay for items using the touchscreen kiosk.

Subsidized Programs

Pay for some or all of the cost of items to enhance the micro-market experience further for staff.

Work/Life Balance

Offer a break room solution flexible enough to meet the needs of your employees’ schedules.

Greater variety mixed with stylish design

Make your break room shine as an employee benefit with a micro-market from Refreshment Solutions at 800-370-1282 or