Snack of potato chips from Metairie vending machine with sea salt over wooden background. Top view.

Metairie’s Vending Machine Source is Refreshment Solutions

To add vending machines to your Metairie operation, all you need to do is contact Refreshment Solutions. We have the variety of machines you’re looking for, stocked with the snacks, beverages and food items your people crave. Our machines run the gamut of traditional snack and soda (Coke/Pepsi) machines to coffee, food and cold food vending machines. Once installed, we’ll regularly stock and maintain them to help ensure an uninterrupted service. Ask about our free and subsidized vending agreements as an added fringe benefit for your employees.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Available in Metairie

Refreshment Solutions offers everything you need to add an office coffee service to any Metairie office or operation. Starting with the brewers, we have traditional by-the-pot systems down to single-cup options. Choose from a wide variety of coffee brands, types and flavors, as well as teas. Once your service is up and running, we’ll come back regularly to make sure the machines are operating properly, and stock your coffee supply and break room items while we’re at it.

Water filtration services are also available. Our bottleless filters connect to your water supply so better tasting, healthier water is available directly from the tap.

Coffee in a white cup froma Metairie office coffee service

Metairie’s Micro-Market Provider is Refreshment Solutions

Imagine installing a convenience store right next to your current offices. What would that mean for productivity if employees could simply walk next store to serve all of their snack, beverage and food needs? Well, that’s what a Micro-Market is, but one step better as it’s installed within your Metairie office or break room…and it’s self sufficient. We’ll work with you to design a store to best fit your space, complete with attractive displays, coolers and racks. Then you choose from hundreds of products to fill it. Once the store is complete, customers can simply walk in, grab what they want, and scan/pay at the integrated checkout kiosks.

Quality vending starts with a quality vending company. Contact Vending Solutions to find out what we can do for you. E-mail or call 800-370-1282.