Full Service Vending Machines in New Orleans and Baton Rouge

Refreshment Solutions provides State-of-the-Art Technology to our vending clients for all of their favorite foods, snacks, and beverage items.

Allowing easy access for all multiple payment options, on any vending machine selection.

How would you like to offer your employees the convenience of healthy fresh foods at your work place?

Solution? Micro-Markets!

The Micro-Market is an unattended-kiosk-open-cooler system with the ability to offer your staff over 300 items, inclusive of fresh foods, organic products, beverages, snacks, and sundries.

Getting back to work

Safety & Employee Protection

Reopening your business requires additional thought be given to how employees use their workspaces, move about the building, and interact with each other and guests. Keep on-site employees and guests safe by helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Appropriate cleaning and disinfectant supplies as well as hand and face coverings are an integral part of CDC guidelines. Simplify your safety procedures by providing employees the necessary protective coverings and supplies.

Customize your order to fit your organization’s specific needs

Choose from a variety of different face mask options

Ensure easy access to hand sanitizer with gallon-sized containers

Clean surfaces with germicidal disinfectants or detergents

Dozens of must-have vending machine
snacks, beverages and food delivered to you
throughout Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Make positive change in New Orleans by partnering with Refreshment Solutions, members of the Humana Bold Goal Partnership.

Here at Refreshment Solutions we love New Orleans as much as you do, from it’s culture to its food. That’s why we are working with Humana Bold Goal Partnership to ensure a better future for our city. Our Your Nutrition Delivered healthy program allows us to manufacture and deliver healthy food to area businesses, hospitals, and casinos. Then we set up reward programs that allow those locations to incentivize employees to make continued healthy eating choices.